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When you're looking for a tattoo artist in Boise, ID, you want to find an experienced pro who is creative, innovative and skilled. Resurrected Tattoo has you covered. At our tattoo shop, you can get a mind-blowing custom design from a true professional.

Since 2014, clients from all around the Boise, ID area have come to Resurrected Tattoo for:

You'll be amazed at what our artists can do. Check out our Gallery now to get inspired for your next tattoo or body piercing.

You're in good hands at Resurrected Tattoo

You've decided on your tattoo design, but now comes the hard part: finding the right tattoo parlor to trust. After all, you have to find an artist who can get it right the first time. Resurrected Tattoo makes the choice easy.

At our tattoo shop, we understand that having body art done is a very personal experience, and we will ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the entire process. With a clean shop and experienced tattoo artists, we'll make your time in the chair enjoyable.

Plus, our artists receive training in handling bloodborne pathogens, first aid and CPR.

Ready to turn your body into a work of art? Set up a free consultation with one of our artists in Boise, ID today. Please note that we have a $100 shop minimum.

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