Add a Pop of Color to Your Appearance

A realism tattoo can help you stand out in Boise, ID

You want your body to be a work of art, so make sure you choose a tattooist with an artist's eye. Resurrected Tattoo is your go-to shop for colorful realism tattoos in Boise, ID. Our artists are known for their vision and skill, and each one specializes in a different type of colorwork.

Whether you're interested in a classic American traditional tattoo or an avant-garde geometric piece, our artists can bring your ideas to life.

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The possibilities are endless

When you think of a color tattoo, you might envision an American traditional tattoo, like a bird, a ship or an anchor with bold lines and bright colors. But that's just one colorwork style. At Resurrected Tattoo, you can also get:

  • An illustrative tattoo
  • A floral tattoo
  • A neotraditional tattoo
  • A Japanese-style tattoo
  • A geometric tattoo

Find out exactly what our artists can do. View our Gallery page now to get inspired for your next colorful realism tattoo.