Kiss Your Regerts Goodbye

Schedule a cover-up tattoo appointment in Boise, ID

Walking around with a tattoo that you regret can seriously bring down your self-esteem and even affect your social life. When you're ready to start fresh, turn to Resurrected Tattoo in Boise, ID for a cover-up tattoo. Our talented artists can help you integrate your old tattoo into a new tattoo design you'll be proud to show off.

We'll start with a free consultation to figure out how to deal with the existing tat based on its age and color. Contact us today to get started.

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Forget about your past mistakes

You might want to get a cover-up tattoo if you're dealing with any of these situations:

  • The "Bye, Brad!" - You got a tattoo of your ex's name. Bonus points if it's inside a heart.
  • The Butterfly Tramp Stamp - You got a "trendy" tattoo 10 years ago that definitely isn't in style anymore.
  • The No Regerts! - You got a tattoo that was sloppily done or misspelled.

No matter the reason for the regret, we'll help you eliminate it. Call 208-344-5663 now to discuss a new tattoo design with our artist.