I love resurrected! All of the artist are so talented and unique in their own ways, my tattoo was done by Rainbow and she was super friendly, professional and did an absolutely amazing job on my quote tattoo. I have also had a beautiful nose piercing and cartilage done by their piercer, Amilie. She is super educated about all kinds of piercings, jewelry and healing. She takes her time to make sure it's in the perfect spot and is super supportive while getting pierced! Overall Resurrected has an amazing, mostly female group of talented and friendly artists, will definitely be going back!

Jamie R

ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PLACE!! Mike swan does an amazing job! He always knows exactly what I want when I give him an idea. They always turn out way better than the idea I had. Always blows my expectations through the roof. We've had touch ups and new tattoos. Getting more done in a few months! Will never go anywhere else. Amilie has some lovely jewelry! No issues with them and love the vibrant colors! Hopefully getting piercings done soon too!! ♥️♥️ 10/5 stars is really what I would give

Kia M

I came for Friday the 13th flash tattoo and didn't get in but mike honored the tattoo for waiting 7 hours in line and I got an additional finger tattoo and I am obsessed! Mike was amazing! Precise! Booking another tattoo appointment immediately with him! The shop was amazing, great vibes, loved every single person I met in there. The jewelry was so dope I got 2 pieces of jewelry. And AM was amazing!


This is now my second tattoo I received from here and I couldn't be happier. Not only did Mike do a phenomenal job but the whole shop made me feel like I was at home. The shop was very clean, everyone was friendly and very talented. Thank you all for such a great experience. Can't wait to come back!

Sara M

I've gotten several tattoos done here! I just got one done by Alex and he was super friendly and amazing. Everybody I've met there is awesome ♥️ Noel did my back piece and she was amazing as well

Alondra Z

This is one of the best shops in the Valley! I have been seeing my artists noel for a couple years now and she is always so easy to work with and is always so professional and personable. The owner is one of the most down to earth shop owners I have met. He's always friendly and encouraging and has always taken the time to say hello and look at what we're working on. The shop manager/ piercer is seriously one of the sweetest ladies and makes the piercing process as effortless and painless as possible. Overall this shop is clean, friendly, personable and has a great shop morale that you can instantly feel while you are there. They are an amazing group of diverse artists and I love my visits there!

Jamie A

I have been going to this place for years for my tattoos. They are always so friendly and are willing to help with any questions or recommendations. Not to mention the place is also so clean!

Me and my best friend went in for a Friday the 13th, unfortunately it was so busy we had to leave because we didn't have enough time, we figured next time! They were so nice they were willing to extend the flash sale! My best friend and I made an appointment and went in today. We were in and out within the hour.

Alex was awesome! Very friendly, and easy to get along with! I will definitely come back again!

Alexandria C

I waited 9+ hours in line for the Friday the 13th flash sale and ended up with an amazing tattoo. The staff was so helpful and provided snacks and water. The staff worked incredibly well considering the amount of people that were there. Although they got a lot of hate and backlash due to some people not getting their tattoos they still we able to keep their positive attitudes throughout and for that I give them props! Wonderful staff and service and overall very pleased with my tattoo. Thank you guys hope to come back very soon!!

Alex C

On Friday the 13th I waited 10 hours for my tattoo, it was 100% worth it. The experience, the people I met, and the staff were amazing!! A woman literally continued tattooing while in labor, just to get as many people in as possible. To all the people whining, when youre going on the busiest day to the most popular shop in Boise, show up earlier next time. I will be going back for tattoos in the future, the linework was perfect!!

Sami L

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